Detect Unwanted Apps On Android Phone & Remove Them

Most of the users often find it difficult to detect unwanted apps in their Android smartphones and uninstall them.

Especially, the beginners get in trouble with these unwanted apps as their phone’s performance becomes slow.

Though the intermediate users find these unwanted apps or bloatware, they are not able to remove them. This happens because nowadays Android developers have become smarter.

The developer either installs the app as a system app or give the app extra permissions which makes it harder to uninstall or disable them.

I will be showing you not only the right way to find these unwanted Android apps but also the method to remove them.

You will also learn about Android Spyware, Adware and Bloatware. So, let’s start

Unwanted Apps or Bloatware: An app is considered as a Bloatware when the app is of no use or it has many features which are not required.

Android Spyware: This type of apps can ruin your privacy. Spyware usually collects sensitive information like chats, contacts, passwords etc and sends to a server.

Android Adware: This type of apps will not cause danger but can affect your phone’s user experience. Adware shows ads where ever possible like on the lock screen, home screen etc.

The Correct Way To Detect Unwanted Android Apps

  1. To detect spyware or adware, simply install an antivirus app from the Play Store and perform a deep scan. That’s it, if the antivirus finds spyware or adware or any harmful app, it will notify you. Remove or uninstall those apps notified by the antivirus.
  2. As said earlier an app having too many features are regarded as bloatware.
  3. You can easily find bloatware apps by just using them and going through their features.
  4. If you find too many features of no use then the app is bloatware.
  5. If your phone is rooted then “System App Remover” will do the work instantly.
  6. To find all BACKGROUND running apps, go to SETTINGS>APPS>RUNNING.
  7. After finding the Bloatware, uninstall them one by one.

How To Remove/Uninstall Unwanted Apps

  1. If you are looking for how to delete apps that came with the phone then you can not remove them unless your Android Phone is rooted. But, you can easily disable them.
  2. To simply uninstall an app, go to SETTINGS>APPS >ALL and you will find all the installed apps. Click on the app which you want to uninstall.
    how to detect unwanted apps
  3. Finally, click on “UNINSTALL”.
    how to remove unwanted Apps
  4. If the app which you want to uninstall is a system App then you will find the “Disable” option instead of uninstalling.
  5. Just, click on Disable, done.
  6. After disabling an app, it’s all functions gets ceased thus your phon’s performance increases.
  7. And if your Android Phone is Rooted then simply find the bloatware using system app remover and remove the app whether it is a system app or of any other type.

Lists Of Apps That Can Be Safely Disabled

This list includes Android apps which are generally of no use. Disabling or removing from your Android device does not cause any stability issue.

Here is The List:
  • Google Play Drive if you do not use it.
  • Google Play Music.
  • Google Play Magazines.
  • Google Play Movies and Tv.
  • Chrome if you are using other Browser Like opera mini.
  • Gmail if you are not using this for email services.
  • Clock.
  • Weather.
  • Talkback.

And Most of the App that comes with the phone is of no use and can be safely disabled.

What are the effects of bloatware, spyware or adware on an android phone:

  1. Your phone’s privacy comes in danger.
  2. Phone’s storage increases day-by-day.
  3. The phone starts hanging a lot.
  4. Phone’s control is no more in your hand.
  5. You will find many unusual things happening when your Android Phone gets internet access.
Best Tip: Never use third-party apps and always use Play Store to download & install apps on your Android Phone. Disable “Unknown Source” option by going to SETTINGS>SECURITY.
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