How To Earn Money Online With Affiliate Marketing Programs

Making money online with affiliate marketing in today’s world seems like a very tough task. Most of the people look at it as spam. But it’s not the same everywhere, you just need to find the popular and trusted brands to work with.

So, I will show you the right way to earn money online with affiliate marketing. This article is for beginners.

We will be using two best affiliate programs: Amazon Affiliate and Flipkart Affiliate Program. These two are the best affiliate marketing websites in India.

Before proceeding, you must be aware of the basic fact of online affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, you take the responsibility to sell one’s products and you get a commission from the sale. Without taking more time, let’s dive into the main matter.

Where To Start Making Money From Affiliate Marketing

First, you need to sign up for the affiliate programs for which you are going to work. Here, you are going to sign up with Amazon and Flipkart affiliate programs. To signup for their affiliate programs, follow the steps below:
  1. Go to Amazon Affiliate Program and click on the “JOIN NOW FREE” option and signup using your existing Amazon account or create a new one.
  2. For signing up Flipkart Affiliate Program, click on the “JOIN NOW FOR FREE” option and provide the necessary details.
  3. You will be asked to enter details like if you own a website then you should give it. Having a website is not compulsory here.
  4. You need to provide payment details like your PAN number, Bank account details to completely activate your affiliate account.
  5. Amazon Affiliate and Flipkart Affiliate  Commission Chart.

Now, you have successfully registered for an affiliate account. The main process comes here is how to generate affiliate links of various products.

At first, you should know that what is an affiliate link? An affiliate link is a website address of a particular product you want to sell. You get a commission when someone buys a product from the affiliate link.

How To Generate Affiliate Link of A Product

I will be showing you the process of generating affiliate links on both Amazon and Flipkart Affiliate platforms.
There are two ways you can do that, you can either tweak the original URL of a particular product or use the affiliate tool for the purpose. The second method would be better if you are a beginner. Let’s start in more details

Generate An Affiliate Link On Amazon Affiliate Platform:

  1. To create an affiliate link, first, log in to your Amazon affiliate account.
  2. Enter the name of the product in the search box for which you want to generate the affiliate link and then click on the “GO” to generate affiliate link
  3. You will be able to see many results, just click on the small arrow to get the affiliate link.
    generate affiliate link dashboard
  4. Done, affiliate link generated successfully. To shorten it, click on the “Shorten URL with” blue colour option.

amazon affiliate link generated


Generate Affiliate Link On Flipkart Affiliate Platform:

  1. To create an affiliate link in Flipkart, you need to find the original URL of the product from Flipkart official website.
  2. To find the original URL of a particular product, find that product on Flipkart website and open it. Now, simply copy the original URL from the top address bar.
  3. After finding the original URL, log in to the Flipkart Affiliate Program dashboard and paste the URL in affiliate link generator and click on the “GO” option.
    Flipkart affiliate link generator
  4. You will get the affiliate link.
    Flipkart affiliate dashboard
  5. To shorten the link, click on the “Shorten Link” option.

Flipkart Affiliate App Install Program

Flipkart Affiliate has launched an app install program through which you can earn a decent amount of money by just referring your friends to use the Flipkart app.

There are two ways in which Flipkart pays for app installs. The first one is a direct install which means you are directly installing the Flipkart app on anyone’s smartphones.

The second one is fallback install according to which someone accidentally installs the Flipkart app using your affiliate link.

Now, for the direct method, you should use the “Flipkart app Install campaign URL” tool to qualify for the install. You will find this URL, once you log into your Flipkart affiliate dashboard.
flipkart affiliate app install program

The Commission that Flipkart Pays For Direct and FallBack installs:

flipkart app install program

  • The Flipkart app must be installed for the first time on the smartphone to qualify for the payout.
  • After installing the app, open it for a while and log in [Creating a new Flipkart account is not necessary]
  • Make sure you are using the Play Store to install the Flipkart app.
Here comes the main process, just copy the Flipkart app install campaign URL and paste it any browser. You will be redirected to the Play Store’s Flipkart app page, install the app. I would recommend you using Chrome browser for opening the URL.

How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Website or Popular Brand

If you own a website/blog or any popular platform like YouTube channel, Android App etc, you can easily create affiliate links and banners of the products and place them on your website/blog or other platforms.

As these platforms are quite popular, your earnings will be high because more and more people will come across your products which leads to greater conversion rate. Here conversion rate means how many people clicked on the affiliate link or banner and buys the Product.

But, most of the people think that it is not possible to earn from affiliate marketing if you don’t own a popular platform. They don’t think that having these big platforms leads to high earnings and in the same way, if you have a smaller platform, your earnings will be smaller, that’s it. It’s better to earn something than nothing, right.

So, I am going to share with you a very effective tip which will make you earn a decent amount of money without having any bigger platform.

Here’s the Guide:

At first, you need to create a community. The members of the community can be your friends, family members, neighbours and any other people who would like to join.

Now, you should inform the members of the community that whenever they buy any product online, they should first inform you about it, So, that you can generate the affiliate link of that product and give that link to them and ask to buy the product using the given link.

That’s it, the process is very simple and can make you earn a decent amount of money from home.

How To Earn Money With Affiliate Marketing On Facebook

If you own a Facebook page then you can also earn a lot from it. The earning depends on the popularity of the Fb page. And if it is not so popular but has decent viewers can also make you earn a decent amount of money.

You have to generate an affiliate link of those products for which your viewers have an interest. This is because sharing anything will do nothing because you have to focus on conversion rate too.

Make sure you post regularly on your Facebook page and in between you can share your products affiliate link and banners.

You can also use the “Facebook Post Boost” program which is not Free. But investing here can also change the whole scenario and Post Boost program is not expensive at all.

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Ending lines

Now, we have reached the end part of this affiliate marketing guide. After going through this post, you will get the foundation of affiliate marketing and you will be able to understand other aspects of affiliate programs easily and effectively.

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