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How To Erase Android Phone Remotely Using Android Device Manager

how to erase android phone remotely

Erasing or wipe android phone is quite easy when you have access to your phone. But when you lost your phone or someone has stolen than your privacy can be in huge danger.

So, in this post, I will be Showing You How To Erase Android Phone Remotely or Delete Data From the Lost android phone.
You will be doing this all without touching your android phone. We will be using an Android Device Manager app or web portal to erase android phone remotely. Suppose You have forgotten your android phone’s pattern or password then you can do this to unlock your android phone. Let’s Start.

How To Erase Android Phone Remotely

  1. We will be using Gmail ID associated or linked on your android phone.
  2. First Go To Android Device Manager and log in with your Gmail ID which is given on your android phone.
  3. After Logging in you will see something like below:erase android phone remotely dashboard
  4. Just Click On ERASE and you will See something new like below:

    wipe phone data option

  5. Finally, click on the ERASE option To wipe or erase your android phone without touching it.
  6. Wait for a few minutes or seconds and then your phone will restart and the erase or wipe process will start.
  7. The Process is the same as you do a reset on your android phone.
  8. Done. Enjoy!

Some Points To Be Noted While Erasing Android Phone

  1. Both Wipe Phone or Delete data from lost android phones can be Done as your doing it remotely.
  2. Your Phone’s Data Connection Must Be ON To Do this.
  3. If your phone’s Data connection is off than the erasing process will start automatically whenever The Phone’s  Data connection becomes active.
  4.  All Data on your android phone will be erased completely.
Finally, we come to the end of this post showing you how to erase android phone remotely or wipe the phone or Delete Data from the lost android phone. I hope you will like it. Do share this post as sharing is caring and if you have any doubt regarding this then you are always free to comment.


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