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How To Find My Android Phone Using Android Device Manager

Most of the people who own a phone always think of one question in his mind. And the question is “How To Find My Android  Phone“. This question rises when you care about your smartphone especially when your phone is stolen or lost.

In this post, you will find an instant solution. It will work for 100% sure. We will be using the Android Device Manager to track the phone.

We will also make you aware of the extra features of “Google Find My Device” that can save your android phone from privacy theft. Without taking more time, let’s start.

How To Track Your Android Smartphone

  1. We will be using the Gmail ID associated or linked with your android phone.
  2. At first, visit here and log-in with your Gmail ID used on your smartphone.
  3. Now, you will be able to see your mobile last location. See the dashboard under “Google Find My Device” header just like Below:
    google find my device
  4. To get your current location, click on the “Refresh” icon. After clicking on it, find your phone location on the left side.

You can zoom out and zoom in your phone’s location. You will also find all the nearby places with their names. Phone’s battery percentage is shown.

How To Lock Your Android Smartphone

  1. Yes, you can also lock your phone by just clicking on the “Lock” option.
  2. After clicking on “Lock”, you will see something Like Below:
    how to lock android phone
  3. You can also send a message including your mobile number if your phone is stolen or lost.

After providing the details, click on the “Lock” option. Wait, your phone will be locked within a few minutes. That’s it, done! enjoy.

How To Make Your Phone Ring

  1. You can also make your phone ring using google’s “find my device” dashboard.
  2. To make your phone ring, click on the “Play Sound” option.
  3. Your phone will start ringing within very few minutes or seconds.
  4. The ringing tune is the default tune set on your android phone for phone calls.
  5. To stop ringing, click on the “STOP” option.
  6. Done, enjoy!

Important Points To Be Noted While Using Google’s “Find My Device”:

  • You can use the android device manager either on phone or on pc.
  • To use all the features, your phone’s data connection must be switched on.
  • If data is off, you will not be able to use all these features instantly.
  • For example, when you lock your phone and your phone’s data is off than your phone will be automatically locked whenever the data connection gets switched on.
  • That’s cool, the same happens with the rest of the features that require an active net connection.
  • Don’t forget to refresh to find your Android phone’s current location.

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