Jio Auto Recharge : Get Up To Rs 600 Cashback On Using Jio AutoPay

Jio has recently launched India’s first Prepaid Jio Auto Recharge for Jio customers. Now, there is no need for any sort of reminder For doing mobile Recharge. And, there is also no need of standing in the queue to get the recharge done.

Jio AutoPay Service is very easy to use & manage. Once, you have set up the Jio AutoPay facility, you will be able to enjoy uninterrupted Jio services.

Jio is also providing cashback up To Rs 600 for using Jio prepaid and postpaid Auto Recharge Service. In this post, I am going to show you the wat to Configure this Service & how to disable it too. So, let’s start.

What is JioAutoPay?

it is a new facility to thorough which you can avail mobile recharge automatically without doing anything. The required balance will be deducted from your linked credit card or bank account when the plan expires or renews

Features Of Jio AutoPay Service

  • No more reminder for plans getting expired.
  • Free from standing in the queue for availing recharge.
  • You will get cashback up to Rs 600.
  • You will Be able to enjoy uninterrupted Jio services.
  • Jio Auto-Renewal process is easy to set up & manage.
  • You can also disable Jio autoPay facility as per your wish.

How To Enable Jio Auto-Recharge Service

  1. Download the MyJio app & install it on your phone.
  2. Open MyJio app & click on the JioPay banner.
  3. Click On the “CREDIT CARD” option.
  4. Now, provide your Jio mobile number, accept the JioPay “Terms & Conditions” and then click on the “CONTINUEoption.
    jio auto recharge set up

  5. You will be now able to see a drop-down list of all Jio plans.
  6. Select the Jio plan for which you want to enable auto-recharge.
  7. After selecting your favourite Jio plan, click on the “CONTINUEoption.
  8. Now, click on “Credit Card” and enter your credit card number, printed name on the card, date of expiry & CVV Number.
  9. Click on “I AGREE” and click on the “PAY” option.
    jio auto pay bill payment

  10. Now, Jio will deduct Rs 2 from your bank account to verify your account & set-up the Jio AutoPay feature.
  11. Once, Rs 2 is successfully deducted from the bank account, Jio prepaid auto recharge facility will be is successfully configured for jio account.
  12. You can also enable Jio AutoPay from Jio’s official site & the steps here are also the same.

How To Disable/Deactivate Jio Auto Recharge Service

  1. You cannot disable this service anytime according to you will. Make sure that You can stop the Jio auto-recharge feature only before the current plan expires.
  2. To disable this service, open MyJio app and go to “My Plans” and click on the required option.
  3. You can also do the same by clicking on the AutoPay Banner & than clicking on the required option.
  4. If you are finding it difficult to do yourself than call Jio customer care & ask them for help.
  5. You can contact the Jio customer care by calling 198 or 199 from Jio number & 1800-889-999  from other numbers.
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Now, we come to the end of this post showing you the Jio Auto recharge features & how to manage them. I hope, you will like this post. And, do share this as sharing is caring.

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  2. how will we get cashback for configuring autopay? if it is in coupon, will it be used automatically and how much? will there be any cashback for 1st time configuring or 1st recharge?


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