How To Open Paytm Merchant Account & Accept Payment At No Fee

You can accept payment from any customer who is using Paytm at 0% fee that is completely for free.

You don’t need any hardware requirement, setup is also easy & free  & you can instantly start accepting payment.

I will show you how to open the paytm merchant account instantly. To become a paytm merchant, your paytm account must be KYC completed. If not then you have to get this done. So let’s get started to the main process.

Steps To Make Paytm Merchant Account By Yourself

  1. First, visit Paytm Business Partner blog & click on the “Sign up for free button”.Sign-Up-For-Paytm-Merchant
  2. Now, log in to your paytm account & click on “mobile payment” at your store section.
  3. Enter your pan card or aadhar card details & click on the “Verify” button.
  4. Now, enter your business name, business category, business address, GST number is optional & click on the “proceed” button.
  5. Select your paytm bank account or add another bank account to receive payment.
  6. Finally, agree to the terms & conditions & click on “Get your QR code” to download the “Paytm Accepted Here” sticker.
  7. Now, print your paytm QR code to start accepting payments.
  8. Done.

Paytm Merchant Offer

  • Minimum KYC merchants have the limit of 20k balance in their wallet whereas the full KYC merchants can store up to 1 lakh balance in their paytm wallet any time.
  • You can accept & send money unlimited times for 0% fee.
  • Send up to 25k amount to your bank account every month.
  • You can easily manage all incoming & outgoing payments through one section of the paytm app.
  • If you upgrade to the self-declared merchant than you can transfer amount up to 50k to bank account per month.

How To Check For Received Payments using Paytm Merchant App or Site.

  1. Visit Paytm Merchant Dashboard.
  2. Make sure that you are log into your paytm account.
  3. Now here you can see here all payment details like transactions, refunds, settlements, settlement invoices etc.
  4. Note that payment is sent to the bank within 24 hours or most of the time at midnight.

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That’s it, we now come to the end of this post showing you the simple way to open paytm merchant account without GST number. Do share this as sharing is caring.

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