Earn Money Online With YesMobo App; A Simple Guide

Yesmobo is really an amazing platform provided us to earn money online easily from home.

This platform is not only made for those who want to earn money online but for the advertisers also who want to promote their products.

The best & the most interesting part is that you just need to use WhatsApp to make money. Isn’t it seems to be crazy? Now in India, most of the smartphone users know how to use WhatsApp.

Even the aged ones do not find it difficult to use WhatsApp. So this means that the process of making money online will not be too difficult. You need to follow 4 simple steps to earn money through WhatsApp.

Yesmobo is the most effective WhatsApp marketing platform in India. There are two platforms on which Yesmobo is currently available.

The first one is the website & the other one is an android app. Don’t’ worry, I am going to explain both of these platforms in this post.

YesMobo.Com: The Website Platform

This platform is made for the advertisers who are interested to reach millions of Indian users through social networking sites like WhatsApp, FB, twitter etc to promote their products at a cheaper rate. An advertiser can be a company, marketing agency or individual.

The advertisers need to pay only when someone clicks on their ads & reaches to a particular website or app page provided by us. There is also a blog to make you updated with the latest ways to earn money online.

In order to promote our products, we have to first sign up for an advertiser account.

OFFER:-the advertiser can get 100 free credits when creating an account on YesMobo.Com which can be instantly used to run their ist ad for free.

How To Sign Up For An Advertiser Account

  1. First, visit the Yesmobo official site.
  2. Click on “Advertisers Sign Up”.
  3. Provide details like your full name, email id, password, phone number, company name, website URL & select the state.
  4. Tick mark the “Terms & Conditions” checkbox.
  5. Finally, click on “Create An Account”.
  6. Now, complete the rest account verification process.
  7. After completing the verification process, your account is ready to use.
  8. Now, log in to your advertiser’s account, create & run your ad campaign.

YesMobo App Platform

This app is for anyone who wants to earn money online from home, office, college, or from anywhere.

You will be able to earn in Indian rupee by just sharing the ads using WhatsApp among your friends & family members.

You get paid on every click made on the ads shared by you on WhatsApp using the Yesmobo app.

There is another way to earn from this app ie referral program. You can earn Rs 1 for every two people invited by you.

Minimum Requirement

  • A smartphone (Android).
  • Active data pack.
  • WhatsApp app installed on your phone.
  • The YesMobo app.

How To Earn Money Using YesMobo App

  • First, download the make “MoneyApp” from the play store and sign up or sign in to your YesMobo account.
  • Select any of the ads from the lists.
  • Share the selected using WhatsApp.
  • You get paid for click maid on the ad or ads shared by you.

What About The Payment?

The payout system is very simple & efficient. You will recieve your earnings directly in your bank account on the 10th of each month. You have to provide your bank details to get your payment.

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That’s it, we have now reached the end part of this article. There are only 4 simple steps to earn money using YesMobo app that too from home.

YesMobo is an Indian app and suits every age when it comes to earning money method. You must give a chance to it.

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