VidMix App Refer Earn Rs 12 Paytm + Make Money Daily By Doing Simple Task

earn money with vidmix app

VidMix is a new Android app where you Can stream Movies, TV Shows And watch Youtube Videos Too. This all can be done from one dashboard with a click. The most amazing part is that this app lets you earn money daily by doing some simple tasks.

You can also refer & earn on the app to earn Rs 12 per referral. And there are many easy & fast methods to make money every day. The various ways of making money include Invite & Earn, Open Treasure chest, Lucky Draw, Showing Off Your income And Daily Check In. You will earn in the form of coins and these coins can be later converted to Paytm Cash easily.


How To Sign Up On VidMix App

  1. First Click Here to visit The download page.
  2. Now Tap On “Rs 50 PAANE LIE CLICK” option.
  3. Click on Download to download the app and install it on your phone.
  4. Open the app & click on the Gold Coin icon.
  5. You can now register using your mobile number / FB ID / Google ID.
  6. Now go to the Make Money section from the homepage.
  7. Click on BIND, enter your Paytm number and the received OTP to Link your paytm number to VidMix App.
  8. Now Click on INPUT, Enter this Referral Code:- 0Q7I8 And Tap on OK to get 5000 Coins instantly.
  9. To Find your referral code or invite code just tap on INVITE. You can also send the Apk file directly to your friends,
  10. That’s it, the app is registered successfully.

How To Make Money On VidMix App

There are 5 Different ways of earning money from this app. These 4 methods are easy very and simple to complete. And the most important part is that they are not time-consuming. You will find all these in the Make Money Section.vidmix app make money

  1. VIDMIX APP REFER AND EARN PROGRAMvidmix app refer earn
  • Go to Make Money Section & Click on INVITE under Daily Task.
  • You can now see your Referral Code, Click on Copy to share it.
  • Click on Whatsapp, FB, SHAREit or Xender Icon at The Bottom To Share your Referral Link among your friends, family, classmates, colleagues etc.
  • You will get Rs 12 Paytm Cash for Every Invite Made.
  • Make sure that your invited friend must keep the app installed for 3 days. Rs 2 for the first day, Rs 4 for 2nd fay and Rs 6 For the 3rd day.
  • Go To Friend List for checking the name of invited friends.
  • If the invited person is detected as fake than the given reward will be deducted by the company.


  • Click on Open Under Daily Task.
  • You will see a Treasure Box with the OPEN option below it.
  • Click on OPEN To See a Pop Showing the number of coins you won.
  • Winning Number of coins is not fixed, it’s a Random number.
  • To Earn more coins, you can share it on Whatsapp, FB etc


  • Click on LUCKY under Daily Task.
  • You will see a Wheel with many prizes displayed on it graphically.
  • Tap on GO to Move the wheel.
  • The Stopping Position of the arrow cursor will determine the prize you will win.
  • Click on SHARE LINK TO GET TICKET to earn more chance to move the Wheel.
  • That’s it, So simple.


  • Click on SHOW under daily task.
  • Now Tap on SHOW OFF available at the bottom and share it using Whatsapp or FB To win a Random number of coins.
  • The Task is Finished.


  • You Can earn a fixed number of coins by opening the app daily for 7 days.
  • The winning number of coins for Daily Check-In can be seen from the Make Money Section.
  • Done.


How To Redeem Your Coins

  1. Go to the Make Money Section.
  2. Click on Total Coins located at the top to see your wallet.
  3. Now Click on CASH OUT, Select the withdrawal amount & method and finally click on CASH OUT.
  4. Minimum Payout is Rs 5 Paytm Cash.


50,000 5
200,000 20
500,000 50
1,000,000 100
2,000,000 200
5,000,000 500



What is Coin: it is a virtual currency used by the Vidmix Company. 100000 coins = 1 RS.

How To Earn Coins: You Can Earn Coins Easily By Completing 5 simple tasks. See above for more details.

  • There is no limit on inviting friends.
  • You Can Get Up To 1000000 Coins for each fresh sign up.
  • Share Videos in VidMix App through WhatsApp, FB or other platforms to earn coins up to 600 per share[ 2 Times Per Day].
  • 60000 Coins is Rewarded for each active Referral.
  • If The VidMix App is Not Opened for 7 Days than all your earned coins will become zero.
  • In Case of any cheating done by the user will lead to the cancellation of earned coins.


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