How To Manage Saved Passwords in Google Chrome Browser

In today’s world, it’s not easy to remember everything. We are using various social networking, jobs, e-commerce, online utility sites etc.

It’s not possible to learn and remember the passwords and usernames of these sites. These days username has got very complicated making it too difficult to remember.

So, we to access these sites need to provide the password and username. The issue of forgetting the passwords and usernames can be solved by using any Password Saving Tool. There are many Online & Offline Tools available.

But the main problem comes is Trust. The first question which arises in everyone’s mind is ” whether our password will be kept safe or not by this password saver tools?”.

In Chrome, we can use several extensions to save our passwords easily. But again the problem of Trust pops out. And this is the reason why Google Chrome Browser can be used to save our online Usernames and Passwords.

Why Use Google Chrome To Save Our Passwords?

Google Chrome is the most widely used browser in the world. It is a superb browser. This browser covers not only desktop users but also the Smartphone users. Chrome is owned by the most renowned company in the world “Google”.

And the company owning it makes the Chrome Browser trusted worldwide. This browser has covered almost 62% Browser Market Share WorldWide. Chrome other than a password and username can also save your Credit/Debit Card Details, Address, Names safely.

How To Save Username & Password In Chrome Browser

  1. To Save Personal Details Like Username & Password, Payment Details etc, You must first Log in to your Chrome Browser using a Gmail ID.
  2. After Logging in, You will be automatically asked for saving the password by a pop up when doing registration on a site for the first time. See the image below for more details. save password in chrome
  3. Click on “Save” to save to password OR Click on “Never” to avoid seeing pop up on this particular site.
  4. You will not be asked to enter your username and password when visiting the site for which the password has been saved.
  5. These details will get automatically filled in the username & Password Box.
  6. Done.

How To Save Password In Chrome When Not Asked(Manually)

There is not any method to save a password manually. If you have not received the Pop Up to save the password then you need to ensure that some important settings are enabled.

Why You are Not Seeing The Prompt Dialog To Save The Password:

  1. You have not logged in to your browser.
  2. By mistake, you clicked on the “Never” option when you were asked to save the password.
  3. “Offer to save passwords” option in Settings might be disabled.

To Solve The Above Issue Follow The Steps Below:

  • First, make sure that you have successfully logged in to your Chrome Browser.
  • Now Click on the three Vertical Dots to open Main Menu and go to “Settings”.save password when not asked
  • Now scroll down and Click “Passwords” and under Autofill section.
  • Make Sure That “Offer to save passwords” are enabled. See the image below for offer to save passwords option
  • Now scroll down and reach to “Never Saved” section.
  • You can see a list of sites for which Never Saved option is enabled.
  • To Remove this, Click on the “Cross Mark” at the right side of that particular site on which you want to save the password.remove never saved option
  • After ensuring that all the above settings are done, visit or refresh the site for which you want to save the password.
  • Now log into the site by filling your username & password. After Successful Login, You will see the Pop up To save the Password.
  • Done.

How To Find Saved Passwords in Google Chrome

  1. Go to Settings and then Passwords.[See above for steps]
  2. You can also click on your Google account profile icon to see your saved password.find saved password in chrome
  3. After going to Settings, You can now see a list of sites with their username and passwords.
  4. username is visible but passwords are hidden in the form of dots.
  5. To make these password visible, Click on the “Eye” icon at the right side of that particular site of which you want to copy the password.copy saved password
  6. Note that if your Desktop/Laptop is password protected then you will be asked to enter the administrator password to see the password.
  7. Done.

How To Delete Saved Passwords From Google Account

  1. First, go to Settings and then Passwords under Autofill section.
  2. Lists of websites & their password can be seen.
  3. Click on the three vertical Dots and then Click on “Remove”.delete saved password
  4. That’s it, Done.
  5. Now your password is no longer saved here.

How To Export All Saved Passwords

  • You can very easily export all the passwords associated with your Google Account with one click.
  • Go to Settings and then Passwords.
  • Now Click on the Three Vertical Dots below “view and manage saved passwords in your Google Account”.export all saved passwords
  • Finally, Click on “Export passwords…” and again click on it to confirm exporting all your passwords in one file.
  • Save the file in a very safe place for future use.


That’s it, Guise I tried my best to explain to you how to manage all your saved passwords on your Desktop/Laptop Chrome Browser. For Mobile Chrome Users, the steps are almost the same, It’s not that chrome’s mobile version settings are different or hard to explore.

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