Hapo App Refer Earn + Do Simple Tasks To Earn Bitcoins


Hapo App is a Mobile Platform where everyone shares funny videos, GIFs, & Photos. It has become a huge community. Hapo not only takes care of your entertainment but also lets you earn real Bitcoins.

Hapo Referal Offer and Its Daily Simple Gem Tasks Like Treasure Box etc is the way to earn. You get paid in Gems. These Gems get converted into Dollars. And Last, the payment is received in Bitcoins.

Hapo App Refer & Earn Program

  1. DOWNLOAD the App and install it on your phone.
  2. Open the App and Click on User Profile icon on the homepage.app homepage
  3. Now Click on “Log In” and Tap on FB or Google to get logged in to your Hapo Account.
  4. You will get 10000 Gems as sign up bonus.
  5. To find your Hapo Referral Link, Go to User Profile and Click on “Invite”.
  6. Click on Whatsapp icon to share your referral link.hapo app referral link
  7. You can also copy this link by clicking on My Invitation Link.
  • Make sure that your Invited Friend keeps the app installed and open it daily to Receive referral bonus. He/she must follow this for 7 Days. The Referral Bonus gets credited in your account in instalments within 1 Week. See the chart below for more details:
Daily Installment No. Of Gems
Day 1 2000
Day 2 1000
Day 3 1000
Day 4 1000
Day 5 1000
Day 6 1000
Day 7 3000
Total 10000


  • And You also earn a 10% commission of your Direct Referral + 2% Commission for Indirect Referrals(friends which have been invited by your friends).

How To Earn Bitcoins By Doing Simple Tasksdaily tasks

Go to User Profile and Click on Balance or Gems. You can now see all your daily tasks. There are 4 different tasks to earn Gems. These Tasks include the following:

  1. Refer a Friend

This is the first task and most high earning one. You get 10000 Gems for each successful invitation. Make sure that the invited friend keeps the app for 7 days.

2. Lucky chest challenge

You just need to open the lucky chest box. 10000 Gems is used to get a chance to unlock this chest box. When you apply your 10000 Gems to unlock the luck chest a lucky number is provided to you. And when the chest is successfully opened, a random number is generated. If this random number matches with your lucky number, you will be rewarded with random dollars.

3. Share the fun

Share your funny contents among your friends to earn gems.

4. Daily Activities

You have to participate in daily activities launched by hapo to earn a random number of gems.

How to Withdraw Gems hapo wallet withdraw

  1. Go to User Profile and click on Balance to see your Hap Wallet Balance.
  2. Check your Total Balance and click on “WITHDRAW”.
  3. Type your Bitcoin and Amount(Minimum Withdrawal is 0.001 BTC).
  4. Finally, Click on “SUBMIT”

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