How To Open PhonePe Merchant Account + Get QR Code Yourself

Earlier for creating a PhonePe Merchant or Business account, you have to visit the official site of PhonPe and fill a form there. Your account gets created after the verification takes place. This takes almost more than a month.

But everything has changed now. Anyone can open a PhonePe Merchant Account Instantly using the phonepe business app. Your PhonePe Merchant QR Code also gets generated instantly. You can straight away use this QR Code at your shop and accept payment.

Steps To Create PhonePe Merchant Account

  1. DOWNLOAD the PhonePe business app.
  2. Open the app and allow all the permissions.
  3. Move to the “SIGN UP” section.
  4. Enter your full name, mobile number & click on “GET OTP”.create phonepe merchant account
  5. Now, enter the received OTP & click on “VERIFY”. [Click on “RESEND OTP” if OTP not received]
  6. Click on “CONTINUE REGISTRATION” and enable the device location service.
  7. Select the location of your shop from the map or enter the address manually.
  8. After selecting the location or entering the shop address manually, click on “SAVE”.phonpe business location
  9. Now, enter your business name, select your business category & click on “SAVE & CONTINUE”.
  10. Select your Bank from the lists and click on “CONTINUE”.
  11. Now, you will be asked to send an SMS to verify your bank account. Send the SMS and come back to the PhonePe business app.
  12. If everything went correct, you will be able to see your bank details.
  13. Finally, click on “SAVE & CONTINUE”.
  14. You will be asked to tap on “CONTINUE TO DASHBOARD” to log in to your business account.
  15. Your Phonepe merchant account is successfully created and ready to accept payments.

An SMS confirmation will also be sent to your business mobile number showing “Congratulations! Your PhonePe Business account is now active. In case of your any queries, please write to “[email protected]”.

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How To Generate PhonePe Merchant QR Code

  1. Open the PhonePe Business app.
  2. Log in to the “Dashboard”.
  3. Go to “My Profile”.phonepe merchant qr code generate
  4. Click on “Manage QR Codes”.
  5. Finally, click on “VIEW QR” to see your QR Code.
  6. Click on “DOWNLOAD PDF” to download the PDF version of your Merchant QR Code.
  7. You can now print this QR Code and paste it on your shop’s wall to start accepting payment.
  8. Done.

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