RozDhan App Referral Code: Refer N Earn Unlimited Paytm Cash

Earning money in today’s world is not an easy task. But with RozDhan app earning money online using an app has become so easy. RozDhan App Refer & Earn Offer will give you Rs 5 per successful invitation. There are 7 different simple ways to make money fast using this app.

These tasks are very easy and take less time.  You get paid in the form coins after any earning tasks. These coins later the next day gets converted to Paytm cash automatically. So Let’s get into the details.

How To Sign Up On RozDhan App To Get Rs 50

  1. First, DOWNLOAD the app from rozdhan apk
  2. Now, open the app & select your language.
  3. Allow all the permission by clicking on “Give Permissions”.
  4. Now, click on “Enter Your Phone Number” [ You can also use your FB ID or Google Account to Sign Up]. Type your mobile number and click on “Next”.
  5. Enter the received OTP and click on “Continue” to get Rs 25 in your account.
  6. To get more Rs 25, click on “Fill the invitation code to get Rs 25”.rozdhan app invite code
  7. Enter his RozDhan App Referral Code: 05N1JG and click on “Add” to get more Rs 25 sign up Bonus.
  8. That’ it, you have now successfully earned Rs 50
  9. To check your balance, go to the “Me” section from the homepage.

How To Earn Money On RozDhan Approzdhan daily tasks to earn money

There are 8 main tasks to earn daily. These tasks include Invite Friends, Share Articles & Earn Coins and Daily Check-In. If you area new user then you will get +200 Coins on updating your profile. Let’s discuss in details about these tasks.

#1. Join RozDhan’s WeMedia Program To Earn Regular Income

You can write articles for RozDhan which will be published on the app. There are many categories on which you can write on for example games, news, entertainment, Technology, Health & Fitness etc. You are free to choose any category you love and has an interest in it.

WeMedia is hiring writers and the hired ones are called as WeMedia Authors. If you are interested in doing this then you need to first apply for this by providing some details. After Filling the details and submitting it, the company’s agent will contact you and check your eligibility and other details. On meeting the company’s minimum requirement, you will be appointed as a partner in the WeMedia program.

How To Instantly Sign Up For WeMedia Programhow to join rozdhan wemedia program

  • You need to install RozDhan app and sign up or log in to your account [Check above for signup detals].
  • Open the app and go to the “Me” section.
  • Click on “Join Our WeMedia”.
  • Now Click on “SIGN UP”.
  • Enter all the details like your mobile number, received OTP, password and click on “NEXT”.
  • Upload your profile picture, fill the required details like your name, email, state, city, WhatsApp number, Wemedia language, Description and professional field.
  • After providing all the details Tap on “NEXT”.
  • All the Wemedia account details will be sent your given mail address.
  • You can now directly login to your Wemedia account and start writing the post.
  • For the first post, you will get Rs 50 bonus.
  • And Rs 100 bonus on the successful publishment of your 5the article.
  • These bonus balance will be credited to your Wemedia account wallet.
  • You will become an “Advanced User” after publishing the 5th article and earning per post will depend on its page views.
  • That’s it guise, write original and quality contents and earn bank money.

#2. RozDhan App Referral Offerrozdhan app referral code

  • Click on “Earn Money” available at the bottom of the homepage.
  • Now, click on “Invite Friends”.
  • Click on “Copy” to copy your Invitation Code.
  • You can also tap on WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS icons to share your RozDhan App Referral Code and Referral Link.
  • Invite each friend to get 1500 coins per invitation.
  • 1500 Coins are equal to Rs 10.
  • There is no limit on inviting freinds.
  • Move to the “Friend List” section to find your invited friend names.

Invite Friend Tips For Maximum Earnings:

  • You can invite unlimited times.
  • Ask then to signup here using your referral code.
  • Your invited friend must keep the app and use it for 5 consecutive days.
  • Make sure that your invited friend completes all the 5 tasks so that you can earn 1500 coins.
  • The 5 tasks which are mandatory to be done by the invited ones are check-in, share articles, invite friends, read faqs and edit profile.
  • You also get 250 coins if your invited friend invites someone i.e. 2nd tier referrals.

#3. Share Articles & Earn Coins

  • Go to the “Earn Money” section.
  • Click on “+100” at the right side of “Share Articles & Earn Coins” option.
  • Now, you can see several articles. Click on any of them to open it.
  • Click on the Tiny Whatsapp or Messenger icon to share it.
  • You can earn Up To 100 coins per article share.
  • Done.

#4. Performing Daily Check-In

  • You need to simply open the app daily to earn a fixed amount of coins.
  • To check the number of coins for daily Check-In, click on “Earn Money”.
  • You can now see the horizontal list with circles displaying the number of coins for opening the app daily.
  • You have to open the app only once and click on “Check-In”.

#5. Reading FAQ’s and Watching Videos

  • Read all the FAQ’s if you have any issue related to anything.
  • Watch Videos to get more clear about a topic.
  • You can find all the solutions and tips and tricks in the FAQ section.
  • By doing this, you can earn more than 100 coins easily.

#6. Playing Games

  • Yes, you can also play games and earn coins here.
  • Go to the “Me” section.
  • Click on the Gaming control icon.
  • Now, you can see a lot of games.
  • Just start playing and earning.

#7. Visit Top Sites

  • Open the app and move to the homepage section.
  • You can see various site’s icon on the top.
  • Just tap on these icons to visit their respective sites.
  • Move around in those sites to earn coins.

#8. Update Your Profile

  • Complete your basic personal information and get 200 + coins.
  • To update/edit, go to Me section.
  • Tap on the user id or circle DP.
  • Now, update all your details.
  • Done.

How To Convert Coins To Paytm Cash/Withdraw Coinswithdraw coins in form of paytm

  1. Go to the “Me” section from the homepage.
  2. You can see your current balance under “My Balance”.
  3. Click on “Withdraw Balance”.
  4. Click on “To Paytm Account” to submit your Paytm account details for the payout.
  5. Now, enter your Paytm name, phone number and click on “Confirm”.
  6. Click on “Confirm” again to link your Paytm number to RozDhan App.
  7. Now, click on “Withdraw” to redeem your coins.
  8. The minimum payout is Rs 200 Paytm.
  9. And you can withdraw your coins for 5 times per day.
  10. The payout time is 72 hours.

RozDhan App Payment Proof

rozdhan payout proof


RozDhan is the best app to earn a passive income because there are many ways of earning here. The best and most effective way is by writing articles which will be shown in the app’s stories section.

There are 6 other ways to earn money here. This company is trusted and it gives payment to everyone. I have also provided the payment proof in this post.

It’s not easy to earn from home but rozdhan has made it possible. To earn recurring income join the WeMedia program. The process of paying according to WeMedia authors is different from those of other methods of earning like refer and earn, daily check-in etc.

Normal users get paid in the form of coins and these coins get automatically converted to Indian currency the next day.

You can very ask for a payout after reaching the minimum payout limit. Currently, the company is providing Paytm only as of the payout method and hopes to update it in future for its users convince.

The company is looking very much focussed on its marketing strategy and its user base. A lot of money is also being spent on its advertisements to grab more users. You will find many popular YouTube channel and blogs promoting it.

There are many other ways to earn money online without investment. But we are not sure that those online ways are legit or not. RozDhan provides a legit way to earn online income. This is especially for Indian users.

Coming to the investment when using this platform to make money online is a smartphone and an active data pack only. In today’s world, everyone owns a smartphone and data pack has become very cheap due to Jio. But, if you are one of the WeMedia authors then you should have a laptop or desktop so that it will be easy to write articles there.

So, what’s on your mind?. You should hesitate to try out this platform because your hard work will not be wasted. There will be more genuine earning ways adding to it incoming updates.

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