How To Do Amazon Pay Balance Account Full KYC 2019

how to do amazon pay balance account full kyc 2019

Everyone knows that it is mandatory to do KYC if you are using a wallet service. In the same way, if you are using Amazon Pay Balance Wallet then you have to complete full KYC in order to continue using this service. Amazon is sending notification and SMS to its users whose Mini KYC  is expiring. This means that you need to reactivate your Amazon pay balance account.

If you fail to complete the KYC in time than your Amazon Pay Balance service will be deactivated. The deadline date will be mentioned in the warning SMS send by the company.

Steps To Complete Amazon Account Full KYCsteps to complete full kyc

  1. Open the Amazon app Log in to your account.
  2. Go to Amazon Pay section and Click on “KYC” [Left swipe to find this option].amazon pay account kyc option
  3. Click on “Upload now”.upload kyc documents
  4. Now you have to complete three main steps which are Taking your selfie, uploading your address proof document and providing your PAN card to continue to the last step of doorstep verification.
  5. After Click on “Upload now”, you have to click on “ADD” box at the right side of  “Photo”, “Adress Proof” and “PAN Card” to upload these documents [ You have to take the real-time photo of the documemts].
  6. Tick mark to “I agree to Amazon Pay Terms & Conditions and privacy policy”
  7. Finally, Click on “Submit”.
  8. Now fix a date for doorstep verification of your documents.
  9. Amazon staff will visit your home at the date fixed by you and verify your details and docs.
  10. It will take up to 12 days to complete full KYC. And if done, you will be notified by the company through SMS, mail etc.
  11. Done.

Documents Required For KYC

  • Your Selfie.
  • Address Proof: Driving license, Passport, Voter Card and NREGA.
  • PAN Card.

Benefits Of Completing KYC

  • You will be able to continue using Amazon Pay Balance.
  • Grab the latest offers and services provided by Amazon.
  • Amazon Pay Balance limit increases to 1 Lakh.
  • Do payments at third-party offline & online stores where Amazon Pay Balance is accepted.

Difference B/W Mini KYC & Full KYC Account

Mini KYC: You are asked to provide the ID number of a valid document when creating the Amazon pay balance account for the first time. This short verification is termed as Mini KYC. The Mini KYC will last only for one year only.

Full KYC: if your Mini KYC account expires after 1 year then you have to do a full KYC of your Amazon account. This is a complete verification of the customer. It is lengthy as it will take almost 12 days. You need to provide your selfie, upload PAN card and an address proof document followed by physical verification of the customer and the documents via an Amazon staff.

That’s it guys, I hope all these details will help you. For your security, don’t provide copies of your documents to Amazon agent in any way. And one more thing, Amazon Pay KYC is completely free of cost. Do not hand over cash to any Amazon agent for doing KYC.

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